Ruger mini 14 Tactical video shooting review

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This is the best video on the Ruger Mini 14 Tactical that helps clear the air of a lot of the mis-information about the mini 14, and the hate the awesome gun sometimes receives from the AR 15 and AK 47 community. Anyone who grew up watching the A-Team must have a special place in their heart for the mini 14. Although many people believe there is a full auto mini it’s actually a Ruger model ACC556 that is the full auto machine gun and most of the parts are not interchangeable and in fact use different receivers all together.

Also called the Ranch rifle or varmint rifle this video will clearly explain all the prejudice and mis information you sometimes hear about this gun.

The best thing about Ruger is the ruggedness. Ruger builds guns to last that you can hand down to your children and this gun is built to last two to three lifetimes.


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