Saiga 12 conversion how to part 1 through 5

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This is the video I followed when I converted my Saiga 12 to pistol grip and move the trigger forward. This is a 5 part video and the video made everything extremely easy except for the bold hold open! It took me awhile but I finally figured it out. I used a battery powered dremel to remove the rivets, and it ran out of power half way through lol, so I suggest you use a corded dremel. Also I strongly suggest you go to the saiga forum at and read up a lot before attempting this conversion. My saiga wouldn’t cycle birdshot, and I had to grind down on the new trigger and polish the rails a lot before it would cycle 100% Also the MD arms gas plug is amazing and a must buy!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

I also suggest you buy your conversion kit at carolina shooters supply at because it’s the exact kit he is working with in the video, and it’s the cheapest place to buy the kit.

I went with the tapco folding stock but now I wish I would of spent a little more and went with the magpul, still the tapco has been solid and works like a charm. In the future I will probably upgrade to a ace stock perhaps with a folder.


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